Residential Interiors

Residential InteriorResidential interiors need a different approach to designing; it is more personalized to each individual. This specialty demands us to work more closely with you in understanding those unique factors which would make your living most comfortable. PDS has a remarkable record in this domain. We offer services like interior design, custom made furniture, decorative wall paintings, custom art works/murals, etc. Our interior designs are aesthetically rich, resource efficient and practical.


Design SpaceOur designs accommodate special requirements in your family too. Be it a toddler at home who needs safety to move around or people who are constantly on wheelchair or people who are visually impaired; we consider working more intuitively in arriving at a friendly design to cover safety of every member in your family.


MuralsWe create custom art work as well as murals for your interior/exterior designs. Ranging from varied sizes, formats and materials, we have created some exceptional designs in the past. We have developed murals using Brass, Plaster of Paris, Sand and many other materials as per the requirements of our clients. We work with experts and our associated consultants to fulfil these requirements.


A common question that worries our clients while deciding on interiors is whether to go choose custom made furniture or factory made. Custom made furniture is believed to be the best fit since it is designed to suit your unique interior requirements but sometimes the final finish of these products do not match with those of factory made furniture. On the other hand, a factory made furniture has the magical finish but may not always fit your interiors in terms of material, colour and dimensions. This is where our expertise comes into play. We have a unique method of bringing the best of both worlds to you. We build custom interior designs but also ensure that you get factory made furniture fit into your interiors. So, you get a customized interior with a factory finished furnishing.