Industrial Interiors

Our design strategy for industrial plants is centered on creating civil infrastructure that promotes operating efficiency for the business unit and eco-friendly practices. Our aim is to offer you more control in managing complex and collaborative industrial processes. We constantly study the common challenges faced by small and medium scale industries in carrying out their industrial processes and look forward to opportunities to solve them. Apart from Civil Infrastructure planning and execution, we also offer services to make your plant to eco-friendly and secured with modern technology.PDS assists industrial plant owners in the following ways:

Design and execution of civil infrastructure for new establishments

Industrial designs evolve around the unit specific processes. Storage, space allocation for operation, ventilation, waste management, electrification, etc are decided based on the nature of production in the unit. Some commonly applicable services across most industries are:

  • Construction of the factory building
  • Plumbing & Electrification
  • Installation of industrial support systems like escalator, ramp, etc
  • Physical arrangements for the industrial machinery
  • Storage arrangements for pre-processed and finished goods
  • Communication channels
  • Security devices installation
  • Waste Management

Designing of a eco-friendly waste management system for existing plants

RecyclePDS offers an eco-friendly waste management design service for existing and upcoming industrial plants. This service is completely customized to individual type of industry as the waste produced is dependent on the nature of industrial process. Our industrial waste management design standards will be aligned with the requirements of the respective State pollution control board within India.


Security Design

Security DesignWe provide security design services to help industries enhance their internal and external security with the modern techniques and standards. We take up end to end design and implementation of security devices. This involves use of biometric scanners, theft control burglars, CCTV cameras, support systems, etc. We have trusted and certified vendors for all security equipment.


Verification/Health Check

Health CheckIf you are planning to buy another industrial unit and need verification on the quality of the civil infrastructure of the prospective unit, then you can consult us. With our proven expertise in civil infrastructure construction and material assessment, we make genuine recommendations about any industrial property you would like to buy. We associate with domain experts to cater to our clients belonging to a wide range of industries.


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